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Teaching and Learning Laboratory

From: MIT

About TLL

The MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory, which began in 1997, collaborates with faculty, administrators, and students to strengthen ongoing educational efforts at MIT and develop innovations in pedagogy and technology. As part of the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, TLL offers its own programs and works in partnership with MIT schools and departments on their educational initiatives.

TLL has three interrelated functions:

  • Collaboration to strengthen instruction at MIT—both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support for the development and assessment of innovative pedagogies, educational technologies, and curricula.
  • Research in learning process, particularly in science and engineering.

The three functions support one another and allow TLL to provide a full range of services to the MIT community. The diagram below provides some examples of our work in these three areas.

Instructional Support

  • Workshops in teaching and learning
  • Individual consultations
  • Classroom Videotaping Program
  • Support for educational innovation


  • Cognitive behavior
  • Interdisciplinary education project
  • Small group pedagogy


  • Innovations in pedagogy
  • Educational technology
  • Learning spaces


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About TLL

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Program and Services

Consulting Services:
Request a consultation

Class Videotaping Program
Better Teaching @ MIT

Department-Based Workshops

Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program

Microteaching | What Happens in a Microteaching Workshop? | What to Observe During Microteaching | Giving and Receiving Feedback
New Faculty Orientation | Orientation for New TAs
Courses in Teaching and Learning

Assessment and Evaluation

A&E Process | Types of A&E | A&E Community | Glossary

Teaching Materials

Learning Objectives | Learning Taxonomies | Example: 8.02 | Example: 15.279 |Example: 16.01-16.04

Course Evaluations

Grading Rubrics

Strategic Teaching and Strategic Teaching Analysis

Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Teaching Teamwork

Contracts in the Classroom

Teaching Recitations

"The Torch or The Firehose" booklet

Recommendations for Teaching During a Health Crisis (Flu Outbreak)


MIT-related Assessment and Evaluation Studies

Articles, Conference Papers, and Working Papers

Education Innovation

TLL Library

Books, handbooks, and reports

Journals and Yearbooks

Teach Talk columns from the MIT Faculty Newsletter


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