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Oleh-oleh dari MIT untuk Para Siswa dan Guru Sekolah Menengah

"Pengetahuan tidaklah cukup; kita harus mengamalkannya. Niat tidaklah cukup; kita harus melakukannya"

~Arip Nurahman~

MIT OpenCourseWare:

Highlights for High School


"Bismillahi kawit nu ditulis, budi-daya pamedaring Samad, dupi Samad tegesna teh, kawit "dongeng Karuhun", nu berbudi Bujangga asli, tawisna nampi Ilham, waspada saestu, margi nu sipat Bujangga, titi-surti kukuh-pengkuh ati-ati, tulisan ngemban lisan"

~Highlights for High School features MIT OpenCourseWare materials that are most useful for high school students and teachers~

Testimonial dari para Pendidik

"I was amazed that a university such as MIT would freely give access to its educational information."
~Triatno Yudo Harjoko
Educator, Professor of Architecture

"Saya dan teman-teman mulai memanfaatkan, meneliti dan mengembangkan materi perkuliahan online dari MIT (OpenCourseWare) sejak tahun 2007, menyenangkan sekali"
~Arip Nurahman~

Testimonial dari beberapa Siswa

"I first visited OCW merely to consider options for a college major, but soon realized the true depth of the material. Many intro-level classes on OCW are extremely relevant to an advance high school curriculum, and i found the video lectures extremely helpful for Linear Algebra."

High School Student

"The Introduction to Psychology courses are wonderful. There's no psychology class at my high school and it's wonderful to receive quasi-instruction in this area free of charge."

High School Student

For Students

Highlights for High School is your guide to MIT courses selected specifically to help you prepare for AP exams, learn more about the skills and concepts you learned in school, and get a glimpse of what you'll soon study in college.

Need a break from studying?

Check out videos of competitions at MIT like the Solar Decathlon. Ever see a bullet smash through a rose dipped in nitrogen? Check out the Strobe Project Laboratory. Studying for the Physics AP exam? Watch an MIT professor explain pendulums by swinging across his classroom.

Want to apply for admission to MIT as a student? Contact the MIT Admissions Office for an application.

Office of Admissions
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 3-108
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Phone: +1.617.253.3400


AP Physics

We have selected relevant material from MIT's introductory courses to support students as they study and educators as they teach the AP® Physics curriculum.

"A Leader set high standards, and Inspire people to achieve"

AP Biology

We have selected relevant material from MIT's introductory courses to support students as they study and educators as they teach the AP® Biology curriculum.

"Change is Continuous process, not an event"

AP Calculus

We have selected relevant material from MIT's introductory courses to support students as they study and educators as they teach the AP® Calculus curriculum.

"Learn from many Teacher. As A Bee Takes Honey from Many Flowers"

High School Courses Developed by MIT

The courses listed below are from MIT's Educational Studies Program (ESP), an MIT student group offering high school courses for over 50 years, and the Chandra Astrophysics Institute.

Langkah-langkah mendaftar di MIT's Educational Studies Program

1. Kunjungi situs; MIT's Educational Studies Program (ESP)



Username: aripnurahman

password: semangatbelajar

2. Daftarkan diri anda:
a. Klik menu sign up di Sebelah Kanan
b. Isi form yang sudah disediakan
c. Manfaatkan materi-materi pembelajaran disana untuk kebaikan

3. Selamat mencoba

"Life isn't about FINDING Yourself, Life about CREATING Yourself"
~George B. Shaw~


Chandra Astrophysics Institute
The Big Questions
Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
Excitatory Topics in Physics
Guitar Building
Audio and Speaker Electronics


Probability: Random Isn't So Random
Combinatorics: The Fine Art of Counting


Gödel, Escher, Bach
Europe in Crisis: The World Wars in Europe
Leadership Training Institute


Labs bring science concepts alive as you observe, practice, and experiment with problems.


" Some People Succeed because they are Destined to....But Most People Succeed because they are Determined To!"

Knowledge In Action

Write Better

A fundamental part of an MIT education is the belief that education is not a passive activity: We believe in the application of the skills and ideas you gather here, and it is only by doing that you truly learn.

The ability to communicate your ideas and research is as important as the ideas and research themselves. After all, what good is knowledge if you can't share it?

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