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This web site is an online gateway to the extraordinary library resources of Harvard University and serves as an important research tool for Harvard's current students, faculty, staff, and researchers who hold Harvard IDs and PINs. The site also provides practical information on each of the more than 80 libraries that form the Harvard system. Visitors and guests should consult the Library's Frequently Asked Questions before navigating the site.

"Wherever You Go I Will with You, Books"

Graduate School of Design (back to top)
Frances Loeb Librarybrief info

Harvard Divinity School (back to top)
Andover-Harvard Theological Librarybrief info

Graduate School of Education (back to top)
Gutman Librarybrief info

John F. Kennedy School of Government (back to top)
Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs Librarybrief info
John F. Kennedy School of Government Librarybrief info

Harvard Law School(back to top)
Harvard Law School Librarybrief info

Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health(back to top)
Countway Library of Medicinebrief info
Primate Center Librarybrief info

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study(back to top)
Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in Americabrief info

Harvard University Library (back to top)
Harvard University Archivesbrief info
Weissman Preservation Center Librarybrief info

Other (back to top)
Biblioteca Berensonbrief info
CRLbrief info
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learningbrief info
Fred Norris Robinson Celtic Seminar Librarybrief info
Historic Scientific Instruments Collectionbrief info
Master Microformsbrief info
National Master Microformsbrief info
Networked Resourcebrief info
Property Information Resource Centerbrief info

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