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Katalog Kursus dari MIT Tahun 2008-2009

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Welcome from President

MIT has a distinctive mission and history that set us apart from other American universities. When the Institute was established almost 150 years ago, science had essentially no impact on the curriculum that was followed by most American university students. Our first president, William Barton Rogers, envisioned a new kind of academic institution — one that could, as he put it, "serve the times and the nation's needs."

President Susan Hockfield

Those principles have served us well, and today our work — in engineering, the natural and social sciences, the humanities and the arts — reaches people the world over. The Institute community extends far beyond Cambridge, embracing international partners and more than 100,000 alumni around the globe.

I believe the world has never needed MIT as much as it does now. The major challenges of our age are increasingly shaped by science and technology, and by daunting problems of quantitative analysis and complex synthesis. With MIT's expertise in interdisciplinary problem solving, the Institute has a unique opportunity, and a deep obligation, to make a critical difference — by creating the innovations, fueling the economy, and educating the leaders the world needs now.

In addressing these needs, we draw on an unwavering drive toward excellence, a spirit of innovation, a culture of collaboration, and a commitment to making an MIT education accessible to all who have the talents and ambition to benefit from our programs.

If you know MIT well, I hope that you already share my enthusiasm for this vibrant, energetic, and energizing place. If you are here to learn about us, the Bulletin will orient you not only to our courses of study but also to the Institute as a whole. And whether you are a new student, a candidate for admission, a parent, or an educator, let me offer you a warm welcome on behalf of MIT.

Susan Hockfield

This Is MIT

By Department

2008 Summer Session

Calendar for the 2008 Summer Session

June 9 (Mon) – August 19 (Tue)
Ten-week Summer Term

July 4 (Wed)
Independence Day Holiday

August 18–19 (Mon–Tue)
Final Exam Period

Grades will become available on WebSIS on or about August 27.

During the regular Summer Session, MIT offers a limited selection of the subjects available in the academic year as well as a few subjects designed for special interests and needs of MIT students. This catalogue describes those subjects and gives general information relevant to summer enrollment.

MIT students can take arranged-unit subjects (such as UROP, Special Studies, Research, Internship, Co-op, Independent Study, Thesis Preparation, or Thesis) during the Summer Session by prior arrangement with a faculty member.

See the section on Admission and Registration for more details.

The Institute reserves the right to make changes in the regulations and courses announced in this Bulletin.

MIT's nondiscrimination policy

Summer Programs for Professionals

The Professional Institute (PI) offers more than 40 courses in two-to-six day sessions in the summer. These intensive courses are designed to inform busy professionals through in-depth learning with long-term value. Courses combine MIT’s breakthrough research with insights from industry, government, and academic participants. These courses sharpen participants' competitive edge as today’s technologies, industries, and organizations undergo rapid change.

Professional Institute attendees come from across the US and around the world. About 25% are international; another 20% come from New England states. Most are mid-career technical, scientific, business, and government professionals in their 20s through 50s who seek new skills for the purposes of a promotion, career advancement, or professional standing.

In addition to receiving a certificate, MIT Professional Institute participants earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Units for each course are specified on the course information page and are calculated based on learning contact hours.

Course descriptions and applications are available on the MIT Professional Institute website, For additional information or a brochure, contact the MIT Professional Institute, 35-433, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, 617-253-2101, fax 617-258-8831, email

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