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Pendidikan Jepang (Kyoto University)

Penulis dan Sahabat-sahabat sedang mengikuti Seminar Pendidikan dari Negara Jepang

Welcome to KYOTO-U's OpenCourseWare:

The Three Principles of Kyoto University

Advance the scholarship of mankind and contribute to the light of the earth. Scholarship is the antithesis of physical force. Each of the modern sciences is tied to scholarship.

Cultivating words both foreign and familiar, education is to be enjoyed together. Language is the key to the integration of knowledge. Education based on superior language does not stop at mere knowledge transfer.

Brilliance is not prideful; a university of both intelligence and fellowship. Among many measures of scholarship and morality, Those of our university fall broadly within these three.

Message from President

OCW (OpenCourseWare) of Kyoto University is the project from 2005 which opens the lectures actually used in the courses on the internet. The purpose is to open the educational door wider to various people, such as students, staffs, teachers not only in Kyoto University but also in other universities, researchers of associate societies, senior high school students who want to study in Kyoto University and social man who want to study further, by learning the courses of Kyoto University. Moreover, it is also important to improve the visibility of Kyoto University in the world and propagate the cultures and traditions of Japan in Japanese. OCW aims to contribute to human’s knowledge assets and share them over the world, and to prompt the international exchange activities to enhance the communications with other countries in the world.

President of KYOTO University

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